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30 January 2023, 13:48

There are three character classes available in the free-to-play game Warlander. Thanks to the guide below, you will learn more about them and get to know our character tier list.

Warlander is a very interesting free-to-play game, in which we take on the role of one of three character classes and take part in battle between armies. In the game we can play as a Warrior, a Wizard or a Cleric, and each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this guide, you will learn what character classes are and get to know our character tier list in Warlander.

Character classes in Warlander


Warrior, as you can guess, specializes in dealing a lot of damage in close quarters. However, he can also use a crossbow, which enables him to keep opponents at bay. A considerable advantage of this class is the relatively high defense and defensive skill called Barrier, which enables him to create a shield that lasts for a certain period of time.


Wizard excels at dealing ranged damage, but his low defense makes him relatively easy to defeat in close quarters. His offensive skill Lightning deals a lot of damage, making him a very dangerous damage dealer.


Every army should include a Cleric. This class performs well in combat, but its main advantage is its ability to support the other members of the team.. Noteworthy here is the Area Heal skill, which, as the name suggests, renews the life points of numerous allies.

Warlander class tier list

Despite only three classes, which at the time of writing are in the Warlander, it is not easy to create a tier list. Remember that an effective army should include both Warrior, Wizard, and Cleric. However, the following is a list based on effectiveness in battle.

  1. Wizard – first place goes to Wizard, who is able to defeat opponents from a distance thanks to his high damage dealing and Lightning skill. If additionally supported by Cleric’s healing skill, he will be an extremely dangerous unit.
  2. Warrior – the Warrior’s great advantage is his high defense and considerable damage inflicted in close combat. The Rushdown skill enables this character to run ahead, attacking enemies in his path, taking a solid portion of HP.
  3. Cleric – the main advantage of this class are its healing skills, such as Area Heal or Resurrect, but in close combat Cleric doesn’t do as well as Warrior and for this reason alone it takes the last place of our tier list.

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