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25 January 2023, 15:22

Empire of the Ants will offer a photorealistic adventure, replicating everyday life in an anthill. The real-time strategy game will be released next year.

When playing real-time strategy games, you have probably more than once had the impression that the distant characters we command look like a group of laborious ants. As announcemed yesterday, in 2024 we will see the debut ofEmpire of the Ants, which will give us a chance to control an actual anthill, facing natural challenges.

Based on Bernard Werber’s 1991 novel, debuting studio Tower Five wants to offer us a completely new experience, putting the player in the heart of the animal kingdom. Here’s what we know about the game so far:

  • Empire of the Ants is being developed for both experienced players and those unfamiliar with the RTS genre. The game will offer tutorials and gradually increasing difficulty level, as well as a variety of gameplay customization options..
  • The main goal of the game is to keep the anthill safe and prosperous.
  • The action will take place in a French forest, and we will observe the struggle from a third-person perspective.
  • All locations are to be fully open for exploration, enabling us to interact with other ants and the entire forest fauna in the form of various species of small creatures.
  • Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, the photorealistic graphics are to facilitate immersion in the world and its details.
  • The narrative and individual challenges are to be dependent on the changing seasons and the day-and-night cycle.
  • The ants we control will have different abilities, which we will use during battles and exploration.

Ant RTS Coming to PC and Consoles; Powered by UE5 - picture #1

Ant RTS Coming to PC and Consoles; Powered by UE5 - picture #2

Ant RTS Coming to PC and Consoles; Powered by UE5 - picture #3

Ant RTS Coming to PC and Consoles; Powered by UE5 - picture #4

From the game’s product card on Steam we also learn that Empire of the Ants will offer both solo gameplay and network PvP mode.

The title will also come to Sony consoles, as evidenced by the ability to add it to the wish list in PlayStation Store. So far we have no official information on other platforms.

  1. Empire of the Ants on Steam


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