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One of the more renowned teams in the world of gamedev, Obsidian Entertainment, may have contributed to the development of the universe of Avatar, originally created by James Cameron. In a recent interview, the company’s CEO, Feargus Urquhart, said that there had been discussions on the subject. The men may have shared a common desire to create amazing stories, Urquhart said:

I may have a different view of making games than other people. For example, Avatar 2 just came out and James Cameron spent ten or fifteen years making it. Back then, we were talking with them about making an Avatar 2 game… I don’t even know how long ago. Eight, six years, something like that. With Cameron, there are those masterpieces, and for me a lot of making games is just getting to put people in these worlds and having them have an amazing time. I don’t need every game I made to be Avatar 2, right? You must have this desire to design things awesome, of course. It’s not that you start with this attitude „meh, just put something out meh,” that’s not it at all. But it’s also that idea, that I’ve always seen my career as one of many games. Not one of a single game.”

However, we don’t find out what ultimately led to the cessation of talks. The project could reach a huge scope when you look at the momentum James Cameron always wants to achieve, and on Obsidian’s previous projects. At the same time, the lack of such cooperation may be a sigh of relief for gamers. At this point we only know that a game in this universe, subtitled Frontiers of Pandora, is to be released in 2023 by Ubisoft.

James Cameron himself is aware that for the rest of his life he could only be telling more stories in the world of Avatar and he doesn’t mind. However, this could also affect the work of Obsidian, which perhaps in a collaboration would be responsible for further games about Avatar, which would significantly limit the creative possibilities of the entire team.. And this is something that Feargus Urquhart would like to avoid, which he also mentions in his response. For more behind-the-scenes information on Obsidian Entertainment (and more), check out the interview:


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