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21 January 2023, 14:10

The upcoming update to Battlefield 2042 will see the return of the well-known and well-loved class system. The much-anticipated feature has received minor improvements, as DICE further elaborated on its blog.

EA DICE has officially announced the introduction of classes in the upcoming 3.2 update for Battlefield 2042. The feature, coveted by fans, is expected to debut as early as the end of the month.

The return of the class system to Battlefield 2042 has been talked about for quite some time, the first confirmed information on the subject dates back to August 2022.

Today, in turn, a comprehensive article from DICE was published online, which reveals details about this imminent change.

In a recent post on their blog, the developers of Battlefield 2042 confessed that the restoration of the class system proved necessary to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Return of Class System Will Shake Up BF 2042 - picture #1

An excerpt from DICE’s blog post. Source: EA DICE.

Members of the Swedish studio admitted it was wrong and that the restoration of the system – known from previous installments of the series – was due to committed players who demanded changes.

The developers stressed that in recent months, together with a select part of the community, they have been intensively testing the new version of the game.

Now DICE has proudly announced that the changes to restore the class system have been positively received by the test group.

New-old class system

The class system in BF 2042, which will debut in patch 3.2, will introduce to the game division into familiar roles: assault, support, engineer and scout. This will define what arsenal of weapons and gadgets a given specialist will have access to.

For example, only the engineer will be able to equip a rocket launcher, while only the scout will be able to deploy revival beacons. Each available specialist will be assigned to one of the four groups mentioned above.

Interestingly, however, choosing a specific class will not block access to some of the weaponry. So nothing prevents, for example, an assault from wielding a sniper rifle – a significant change compared to previous installments of the series.

Weapon proficiency

DICE, while it will retain more flexibility on the battlefield compared to previous installments when it comes to weapon selection, intends to gratify those who use a specific weapon for a particular class to balance things out. The Weapon Proficiencies mechanic will serve this purpose.

This will introduce synergy between the class and different types of weapons:

  • assault + assault rifles = 3 extra magazines;
  • engineer + LMG = better accuracy when crouched or lying down;
  • support + SMG = shorter time to draw weapon;
  • scout + sniper rifle = fixed and stable scope.

As the developers argue, proficiency is intended not to dictate what you need to be equipped with, but rather to provide recommendations on what might work for a particular class and what best relates to its nature.

Transparency above all

The new class system is also intended to provide greater visibility into the threats players will face. Seeing a specialist on the battlefield, for example, in a support role, we will know that they may be equipped with an ammunition box, first aid kit, smoke launcher or mines.

Return of Class System Will Shake Up BF 2042 - picture #2

To further increase transparency, DICE plans to add class icons above all soldiers, which will make it possible to recognize exactly what threat players are facing or what support they can count on from an ally.

Minor tweaks and the announcement of continuous feature updates

Along with the return of classes, DICE is also introducing smaller fixes, such as a unified inventory (loadout), which means that the choice of weapons and gadgets for one specialist will be remembered for every other within the class. For example: the default weapons for Crawford and Boris will be the same, since both belong to the engineer group.

The developers also announced that this is not the end of the work – the class system will be constantly monitored and updated.

The developers have indicated that they are hoping for feedback on the upcoming changes. You can join the discussion, for example, on the official forum of Battlefield.


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