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23 January 2023, 18:16

In this guide we will talk about the best units in They Are Billions. You won’t lose the battle with us.

They are Billions is an addictive title that combines a strategy game with tower defense elements. Players take on the role of a general who has to build and ensure the survival of human colonies. However, they are hindered in this by hordes of zombies. The game is not easy, so it is worth knowing which troops to invest your precious resources in. In this article, we present the best units of They Are Billions.

The best units to start in They are Billions

The adventure is definitely worth starting with the Rangers. They are quiet and fast. As a result, they will not attract too large horde. They are ideal for clearing out the first few groups of zombies. It is therefore not worth getting rid of them too quickly. However, they lose their importance at a later phase of the game.

Soldiers are quite cheap and recommendable. They are particularly useful in the campaign. If you enhance these units with all the upgrades, you get one of the stronger units in the game. However, in survival mode they can also be useful (although not as much anymore).

Snipers are also very versatile and good units (regardless of mode). They are very effective on towers, but also a popular tactic among players is to make a ‘sniper ball’. This is simply a large group of these units rolling across the map and destroying everything along the way.

The best units in the later stages of They Are Billions

In the later stages of the game, Snipers are still an important unit, thanks to their ability to deal large amounts of damage to single targets. This makes them useful for taking out strong zombies.

Next, you should consider buying the Thanatos and Titan. If your economy is not doing well, invest in the former unit. It is cheaper and will deal well with hordes of enemies. However, if resources are not a barrier for you, then definitely choose the Titans. It is a versatile unit that can deal with zombies in the blink of an eye.

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