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20 January 2023, 15:34

Fans of The Callisto Protocol have reasons to be happy – the game has received a new update, which introduced a number of fixes and a New Game+ mode.

December launch of The Callisto Protocol was far from perfect. All due to optimization problems experienced by owners of the PC version of the game. Fortunately, developers at Striking Distance consistently release updates to their flagship game.

This time the horror game received not only the standard package of performance enhancements, but also the eagerly awaited New Game+ Mode. . This means that you only need to have an active save from completing the game to start a new game with all the equipment you have previously acquired.

Callisto Protocol Keeps Getting Patches; New Game Plus Added - picture #1

Source: Twitter, The Callisto Protocol

As mentioned earlier, The Callisto Protocol lived to see the implementation of optimization fixes on all platforms. In addition, the main character will not receive damage when jumping over obstacles. Striking Distance team has also dealt with “many problems” related to camera settings. It is worth mentioning that the developers have also improved the sound layer and adjusted the subtitles in all languages. The full list of improvements can be found here.


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