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Since the remake of Dead Space’s debuted on the market, both gamers and industry critics have unanimously praise EA Motive’s masterpiece. The same opinion on the new version of the game is held by the creator of the original space horror, Glen Schofield. He thanked the developers of Dead Space Remake for their faithfulness to the 2008 original.

The first to rush to congratulate the entire EA Motive team was the developer’s daughter and level artist at Striking Distance studio, Nicole Schofield.

“A huge round of applause for Motive for an amazing remake. Applause is also due to the creators of the original from Visceral Games,” she wrote on her profile on LinkedIn (via PCGamesN).

Her post was responded to by her father, Glen Schofield, who also directed some warm words toward the developers.

“To all of you who worked on the original, thank you for your contributions to an amazing game. It has withstood the test of time. And to Motive, thank you for your care in remaking the game faithfully. Congratulations,” reads Glen Schofield’s message.

Recall that Glen Schofield was responsible for the recently released The Callisto Protocol, which for obvious reasons has been compared to both the original Dead Space, as well as its remake. Ultimately, however, it was the new edition of the classic title that won the comparison. A sizable share of the incomplete success of Striking Distance’s title was due to major optimization problems that plagued the game since its debut.


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