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01 February 2023, 15:31

Techland shared Dying Light 2’s roadmap for this year, as well as organized a sale of the game.

In three days, Dying Light 2 will celebrate its first birthday. Yesterday we wrote about update 1.9.0 released on this occasion and the anniversary event. Now Techland has shared a development roadmap for 2023.

  1. This month the game is expected to receive full support for Steam Deck
  2. In April we will get improved combat physics and more brutal skirmishes. There will also be additional quests and a transmog system that will enable us to change the appearance of our equipment without changing its stats.
  3. In June, an update will increase the fluidity of movements in the parkour system. We can also expect new additions to night travel through the city, including Volatiles patrolling the game world.
  4. At the end of 2023, we are expected to receive the second paid DLC. It will offer a new storyline and previously unavailable locations and weapon types.

As you can see, the second year of Dying Light 2 promises to be abundant. It is worth recalling that Techland declared before the game’s release that it would be developed for five years.

These are not the only attractions that the devs have prepared for the first birthday of Dying Light 2. Tomorrow the winners will be announced of the contest for the best fan-made map.

In addition, Techland has organized a sale of the game, enabling us to buy it 50% off.

  1. On Steam you can now buy the basic version of Dying Light 2 for $29.99. The sale will last until February 13.
  2. The game is also available in PlayStation Store. This offer will remain valid until February 16.
  3. In Microsoft Store a similar offer is valid.

Dying Light 2 Roadmap; Techland Makes New Promises - picture #1

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