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After the success of the remake of the first Dead Space, we still do not know in which direction EA Motive will go with the iconic brand. It seems most likely that the developers will focus on refreshing the second and third installments of Isaac Clarke’s adventures. The remake of the first game has even left some clues supporting this concept. Interestingly, there are people in the circles of the team responsible for the game who say that the studio should take a different path.

The composer involved in the development of the series, Trevor Gureckis, believes that a better option would have been to make Dead Space 4. According to the creator, remake of the first game was enough to remind everyone of the series, making more remakes unnecessary.

“I’m curious to see what [Motive and EA – ed. note] will do. If they just skip ahead and go to Dead Space 4 that would make a lot of sense. You do a great remake and then move the franchise in the direction of Dead Space 4. People are now on board, right? So because Dead Space is definitely an old game, so doing a remake makes sense to refresh everyone’s minds. But I think pushing it forward to Dead Space 4 would be super fun,” commented Gureckis in an interview for PCGamesN.

What move will EA Motive do? We don’t know, but Gureckis’ idea seems a good one. Recall that Dead Space 3 ends in a way, which does not bar the way for a meaningful sequel.


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