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31 January 2023, 16:57

Hitman introduced a Freelancer mode, featuring mechanics taken from roguelike games. During the execution of the final mission of the campaign you will come across a message that reads ‘Assassin Nearby’. Here you will learn what it means.

The Hitman trilogy has been merged into one big platform called Hitman: World of Assassination. In addition to the fusion of previously released titles, there is also a brand new gameplay mode – Freelancer – which has mechanics taken straight from roguelike games. At one point during the final mission of this campaign, a rather enigmatic message reading ‘Assassin Nearby’ will pop up. Here you will learn what it means.

Hitman Freelancer – what does Assassin Nearby mean?

The Assassin Nearby message only appears during the last mission from the newly added Freelancer. In this mode, Agent 47 takes the fight to an international criminal organization that recruits common citizens from all over the world. In the final task of the campaign, the head of the syndicate must be eliminated. This task is not easy, as we have several suspects (the number of targets depends on the difficulty level). In addition, each of them has his own guards, which for their own safety should also be eliminated.

Recognizing such guards is very easy. They will follow your target virtually all the time.

Assassin Nearby itself only informs you of the presence of a bodyguard. If this message appears, you do not need to panic that you will be attacked. There is simply a guard of one of the targets in close proximity to you.

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Hitman – what does Freelancer mode introduce?

As mentioned at the beginning, Hitman Freelancer is a brand new game mode, based on solutions known from roguelike games. Plot-wise, it is an epilogue to the events presented in Hitman 3. The whole game emphasizes strategic thinking and resource management. Between successive missions we end up in a base, which can be freely modified. While there, we also choose the equipment we will take with us on the action.

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