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02 February 2023, 12:00

A new patch for Grand Theft Auto V has fixed a vulnerability that enabled hackers to remotely modify player accounts (or even their computers) in the Online module.

Looks like the prayers of PC fans of Grand Theft Auto Online have been answered. GTA V has received a security update that removes a dangerous exploit. Patch 1.66 requires a download of 350 MB of data.

A week ago we reported about a dangerous vulnerability in the network module of the fifth Grand Theft Auto. According to first information it allowed for remote modification of statistics on GTAO accounts. In practice, this made it possible for them to blocked, damaged or even deleted without the rightful owner doing anything bad. The exploit was also suspected of opening a gateway to make changes to the user’s computer.

Today’s patch is supposed to completely remove this vulnerability, as confirmed by Tez2 (a whistleblower specializing in Rockstar Games news) in a thread on the GTAForums website. By the way, the developers implemented a new “data protocol” that improved the security of network sessions in Grand Theft Auto Online, and (once again) introduced “general stability fixes.”

The elimination of the dangerous vulnerability enables players to breathe a sigh of relief, but it does not solve all the problems of the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto Online. Cheaters still run wild in the game after the unfortunate update from October, which was supposed to remove almost the entire system responsible for detecting cheaters.

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