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03 February 2023, 13:56

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Soon, those who purchased Hogwarts Legacy will be able to try the game – we know when exactly the early access will start and the official release will take place. In addition, the entire world map has leaked online.

The release of one of the most anticipated games of 2023 is just around the corner. Players who have decided to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy’s Deluxe Edition will be able to start their adventures at the famed school of magic just 72 hours before the game’s official debut. The developers have just announced at what times early access will start.

When is early access?

Pre-orders of Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles will be playable on February 7, from midnight. PC gamers, on the other hand, will get access to the game later on the same day. It is worth noting that this applies only to owners of the digital version of Hogwarts Legacy.

The rest of us have to wait until the official release, that is, until February 10, same hours. On PS4 and XOne Hogwarts Legacy will come out on April 4, and on Nintendo Switch – on July 25.

World map leaked

Hogwarts Legacy prematurely made its way into the hands of some players, causing the game to face a number of leaks. And while a good portion of them do not contain spoilers (such as information about the game’s length or the number of side missions), this is not the case with the footage circulating on the net, presenting the world map. It turns out that the game area is really large.

  1. You can see the leaked Hogwarts Legacy world map here

A look at the map of Hogwarts Legacy was shared by Reddit user timhanz and although the original material has been removed, copies and shares from others are appearing in its place. Among others, Insider Gaming shared a video showing the in-game map from the German language version of the game.

The terrain on which the player will be able to move is not small. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade are the two largest areas in the game – fortunately, the map shows a lot of markers that can be fast travel points, which will make moving around much easier. The map itself, meanwhile, looks quite intriguing through the colorful 3D models of buildings that can be rotated.

This is not the first look at the map of Hogwarts Legacy – previously we could see fragments of it in the official materials made available by the developers.

  1. Hogwarts Legacy – official website


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