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26 January 2023, 17:24

The release of Hogwarts Legacy is approaching. In connection with this, the developers have revealed another batch of information about the game. It turns out that we will be able to freely choose the path of evil and become a dark wizard.

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of Hogwarts Legacy can’t complain about the game’s advertising campaign. Almost every day new information and materials presenting the upcoming work of Avalanche Software hit the web. Just recently we wrote about new gameplays and the fact that more than 100 side missions await us in the game, which will have an impact on the main plot. Meanwhile, today a little more light was shed on the morality system in Hogwarts Legacy… or rather, its absence.

As reported by GamesRadar, players, who find nobility and empathy repulsive, will be able to choose the “dark side of the force” and take on the role of a dark wizard. This means that in the course of the game they will be able to wreak havoc and chaos, and the game will not punish them for it.

Interestingly, this does not mean that the environment will not react to our actions. On the contrary, casting so-called Unforgivable Spells will get verbal and “visual” reactions from NPCs. In addition, the world itself will also react to the use of dark magic – although the developers have not revealed how.

“NPCs will react visually and audibly to a player casting an Unforgivable Spell, but we don’t have a morality system to punish for this, we don’t want to judge players. But if the player continues this type of action, the world will reflect that,” the game’s lead designer, Kelly Murphy, mysteriously revealed.

Below, as part of a better introduction to Avalanche Software’s game, we share an 11-minute gameplay from Hogwarts Legacy made available by the editors of IGN.

Finally, it is worth recalling that Hogwarts Legacy will debut on February 10. Initially, the game will hit PC, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Later on, the game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 4. Slightly later, on July 25, the Nintendo Switch edition will come out.


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