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01 February 2023, 14:28

In this guide we talk about Collectors Items in Hitman Freelancer. We explain what they are and how they work.

The Hitman series has recently undergone quite a revolution. Along with it, a new mode – Hitman Freelancer – has found its way into the hands of fans. In it, players carry out assassinations, just like in the main games in the series, but everything is enriched with many roguelike elements. However, not all the mechanics are fully explained. In this article, we will talk about what they are and how to use collector’s items.

What are collector’s items in Hitman Freelancer and how do they work

In Hitman Freelancer, various tools will often come in handy when completing assignments: for example crowbars, lock picks or coins. These are designed to make your mission easier. However, you can also purchase a collector’s version for a hefty fee. According to the game’s developers, the collector’s version is not supposed to disappear after your death – and it does, in part.

Collector’s items will remain with you even after you complete the campaign. However, if you go on a mission with them and die or leave them behind, they will be lost. Just like any other equipment. But you will not lose them if you die and the valuable item is left in the safehouse.

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How to get collector’s items in Hitman Freelancer

The main source of collector’s items is their purchase. However, they are very expensive. Some players also report that they have been lucky and found a tool as part of a crate drop. However, this is very rare. Because of their value, many people are afraid to go on missions with them. You should use them, but wisely.

How to use collector’s items in Hitman Freelancer

Since you lose collector’s items if you die anyway, many players wonder whether it is worth having and using them at all. We answer: yes, they are worth having. However, don’t take them on all missions; use them as backup equipment in case you lose regular one. This way, you will reduce the risk, while making sure you don’t run out of your most important tools.

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