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24 January 2023, 22:13

If you are having problems with the sound and music in Forspoken, here we will tell you how to fix this bug.

Forspoken is a new RPG. Luminous Productions studio is responsible for the game and it is published by Square Enix. It is the story of an ordinary woman who is transferred from New York to Athia. It is a fantasy land in great danger. However, Frey (the protagonist) decides to use her new magical abilities and help the inhabitants of this world. Unfortunately, some players encounter sound and music problems that prevent comfortable play. In this guide we will try to fix this bug.

Forspoken – Audio and Music issues fix

  1. In the first place, it is worth checking that you have the latest drivers installed. In many cases, the problem lies there. Take a moment to do this. If this does not help, try the following options.

Change sample rate and bit depth rate

  1. Go to Start;
  2. Next pick Settings;
  3. Open System;
  4. Click Sound;
  5. Search for Related settings;
  6. Select Sound Control Panel;
  7. Click your playback device and choose Properties;
  8. Pick Advanced option;
  9. Change your settings to 48 kHz (most players say that it helped, if it didn’t, try different options).

Change spatial sound

  1. Start as with the previous method and do everything the same until step 7.
  2. Instead of Advanced, select Spatial sound.
  3. Pick Windows Sonic for Headphones here

There is no guarantee that the above settings will help you, but we hope they will. We wish you a successful game and good luck in Athia. Let’s hope the developers patch all the bugs soon.

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