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Superfuse is a hack’n’slash game that has captivated fans with its cartoonish graphics. It is the work of Stitch Head Entertainment, which also created the game Kabounce. The title came out as early access, so it’s no surprise that players aren’t sure what mechanics will be in the game. In this article, we’ll talk about whether Superfuse will support controllers.

The developers have long been reluctant to give a concrete answer on whether Superfuse will receive controller support. However, we can now say with certainty that it will, but it is not a feature that has been available from the very beginning of early access.

It is clear from both a developer representative and a FAQ on Steam that controller support is planned. For the time being, however, it is unclear when it will be added. As the game is in early access, the authors still have a long way to go to complete production.

We might add, by the way, that the developers’ statements also indicate that they are planning to take a closer look at how their game works on Steam Deck. So it can be expected that Superfuse will be playable mobile in the future. This is currently hampered by the fact that the game does not support WASD keys for character movement, only the mouse.

Tip: when you assign keyboard shortcuts to attacks, leave one mouse button empty so that it is only for movement. Otherwise, your character will often approach an opponent instead of attacking it.


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