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27 January 2023, 21:13

If the power cell in Dead Space Remake is not appearing, then read this page. It will bring you closer to the issue of the battery not spawning.

Dead Space Remake was released today. You probably don’t need to be told what this game is about. The player arrives on a spaceship to repair it. However, the rescue action quickly turns into a fight for survival. Many gamers consider this title to be iconic, so the remake is hugely popular. Unfortunately, it is plagued by several bugs. One of these is the power cell not spawning. The battery is not where it should be. In this article we will talk about it.

Power cell bug in Dead Space Remake

If the Power Cell hasn’t appeared for you, then we have some sad news. So far, players have only discovered one effective workaround for this problem – loading the game (sadly, it does not always work). For now, there is no other way. This can be unfortunate if it has been a long time since you last saved.

We also have some good information for you. EA has already paid attention to this problem. Or at least that’s what you can conclude from the EA Community Manager’s comment on Reddit regarding this bug. So there is a good chance that it will be fixed fairly soon. Let’s hope there are as few such errors as possible.

Dead Space Remake – other issues

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem plaguing Dead Space Remake. Many players have complained about stutters or controllers and keyboards not working. We have found several solutions to these problems. You can read about them below:

  1. How to Fix Stutters and performance issues in Dead Space Remake
  2. Dead Space Remake – How to Fix a Non-Working Controller and Keyboard

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