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27 January 2023, 10:46

Many improvements have taken place in EFT. Developers announced changes to the recoil system. A new update was also introduced, take a look at the patch notes.

Escape from Tarkov is a game that allows players to face each other in a devastated city. The title has attracted thousands of fans from all over the world who compete against each other on a daily basis. EFT is also being efficiently developed, which further ensures that its popularity is not waning. In this article, we will talk about improvements that have taken place in recent days – recoil changes and patch notes for

Recoil changes in Tarkov

The developers of EFT have announced some important improvements on their Twitter account. There are some changes to the recoil system. However, this is not the only new feature. The stamina and armor system has also been improved, the full list of announced balanced features is below:

  1. Reduced stamina consumption in various cases, decreased energy and water consumption in raid;
  2. Greatly reduced penalties from armored rigs and body armor.
  3. Reduced the recoil angle for all weapons.
  4. Reduced the stamina penalty when hit by any type of ammo.
  5. Increased the weight limit while overweight.

EFT Patch Notes for

Changes don’t stop there, however, as a new patch was also introduced to EFT this morning, which introduced a number of fixes. Quite a few of them are related to sound effects, but there are also corrections for other things, such as hideout and skills. Some malfunctioning items were also fixed. Below are some more interesting changes (in our opinion), if you want to see the full list, you can find it here.

  1. Adjusted the server system to reduce the rubberbanding and desync on the Streets of Tarkov location.
  2. Fixed issues that led to duplication, stuttering, and lack of some sounds with binaural audio enabled.
  3. Fixed incorrect volume of footstep sounds during crouched and standing movement.
  4. Fixed incorrect duration of the muscle pain status.
  5. Fixed incorrect durability of weapons on Rogue bosses.
  6. Fixed incorrect calculation of skills in quest rewards.
  7. Fixed the ability to apply the effects of some consumables without losing them.
  8. Fixed the inability to level up skills above level 50.
  9. Fixed incorrect player spawn positions on the Streets of Tarkov location.
  10. Fixed the lack of durability loss when repairing some weapons with repair kits.
  11. Fixed the incorrectly working D2 exit on the Reserve location.
  12. Fixed the softlock that appeared while interacting with some weapons.
  13. Fixed incorrect skill point calculation when using the gym in the Hideout.
  14. Fixed incorrect spawns for Rogues.

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