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20 January 2023, 17:51

In this guide, we will tell you how to get the signal chip in RimWorld. With us, your machanitors will be powerful and Diabolus will not be a challenge.

Rimworld allows you to create a colony on an alien planet. There are a lot of risks involved and there’s a good chance that your first approaches to the game will end in failure, but that’s part of the fun. Thousands of players are not intimidated by such a model of entertainment. No wonder the title is still supported by the developers. This is demonstrated, for example, by the relatively recently released Biotech DLC. It introduced many new mechanics and items. Among these is the Signal Chip. In this guide, we will tell you how to obtain it.

How to get a signal chip in RimWorld

  1. Research Microelectronics technology.
  2. Thanks to it, create a comms console.
  3. Have your mechanitor use the console and summon the Diabolus boss.
  4. Defeat the robot and its bodyguards.
  5. There is also a chance that Diabolus will attack your colony if it is rich enough (and is older than 2 years).

You have to be careful, as sometimes the signal chip can be destroyed. If it is threatened by fire, try to save it as soon as possible.

Diabolus in RimWorld

Diabolus is the first of the robotic bosses, and defeating it is essential to the development of your mechanitor and its associated technology.

When fighting it, watch out for its cannon. It has a huge chance of killing your colonist with a single shot (it makes a circle around the target, which explodes after few seconds). It is best to fight this boss from a distance. The robot’s shots are sure to start fires, which you must also watch out for. What is more, it can attack with fire in its close vicinity, and shoot quite far (but the blaster inflicts low damage).

Don’t forget that you can use turrets and traps. Try to ensure that your warriors do not stand near each other. If Diabolus gets too close, then retreat pawns or make sure they avoid the gun.

Diabolus never appears alone; it has other minor robots to help. With each defeat and subsequent summoning, its entourage will become stronger. Fortunately, this does not last indefinitely (after 8 times, the cycle starts again from tier 3).

What the signal chip in RimWorld is for

With the signal chip, you will be able to create Diabolus itself. However, the most important use for it is to be a component of an equipment that allows you to increase the power of your mechanitor. Additionally, its study will allow you to research Standard mechtech technology.

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