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23 January 2023, 15:47

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Footage from the upcoming Forspoken is leaking onto the web. The videos are quickly removed, but players find ways to make them available again, as was the case, for example, with the video showing the final battle of the game.

Premiere of Forspoken from Square Enix will take place tomorrow, and yet the leaks from the game circulating on the web are receiving considerable attention. For while there is no shortage of official materials advertising the title (like the one below), additional leaks may help some make a decision related to its purchase.

The big leak of content from Forspoken took place a few days ago – it depicted the first hour of the game. It gave us a glimpse of how the main character, Frey, was transported from New York to the fantastic Athia. And although its original source was removed, copies of the video are making rounds online anyway.

Immediately after that twenty minutes of footage showing the final clash of the game were leaked. The fight with the final boss, along with several cinematic cutscenes, may have interested many people. However, in this case, too, the original video was lost, and a copy appeared in its place.

Most likely, the removal of the leaks is overseen by the publisher, Square Enix, which is keen to hide the secrets of Forspoken – even a day before the game’s release.

Just a few months ago, yhe title in question was an object of derision among gamers, which was due to the video released by the developers, more specifically, the questionable quality of the dialogues. The release of the game’s demo has changed its reception. Admittedly, some players were bothered by the size of the fonts or the interface, but the developers corrected several key aspects. Above all, the visuals was praised, which was reflected in the system requirements of the game (even the minimum specs are horrendously high).

Forspoken will debut tomorrow on PC and PlayStation 5.


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