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31 January 2023, 18:50

On this page you will learn what fuses and fuse capacity are in Superfuse. We will tell you all about these mechanics.

Superfuse is a new hack’n’slash game that lets you take on the role of a super warrior of the future. Players must find themselves in the skin of an elite soldier at the service of a world-ruling corporation. In this world, the richest people have turned into beings equal to the gods, and you must defend their interests. You will do this with the help of fuses. In this text, we will talk about this mechanics and fuse capacity.

Fuses in Superfuse – What they are and how to get them

Keep in mind that this is text about an early access game, so the mechanics presented here may change over time.

Fuses are special items that can give new characteristics to your skills. You must use them in your inventory to be able to benefit from them. Then, in the skill tree, select the ability you are interested in and place the enhancement on the hexagonal grid. Not all fuses can be used with all classes or skills, so be careful and read the descriptions carefully. Fuses also make your skill level increase. And this is linked to the fact that its stats will improve.

Fuses can be obtained as part of the loot from certain enemies or as a reward for completing a quest. When you pick them up as a mission reward, think carefully about which upgrades you want to choose, as it is a rare commodity.

Cost of fuses in Superfuse – Fuse capacity and more

Fuse capacity is an indication of how many fuses you can have installed. This factor increases by 5 with each level. It is shared between all skills, so make sure you spend it wisely.

Using fuses also has another cost – energy. Every upgrade you add increases the base price of using a skill. So think carefully before applying them.

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