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20 January 2023, 14:45

What can Ubisoft fans hope for after the publisher’s recent troubles? In this text you will find information about the French company’s games scheduled for release in 2023 and those to be released in the unspecified future.

Recent reports from Ubisoft must have spoiled the mood for fans of the French publisher. Only recently, in the summer of 2022, the company informed about the cancelation of several projects, and now we’ve learned that another three (or even four) games have been abandoned. Add to this the titles that have been delayed (often without even an approximate release date), and one can begin to wonder if we can expect the release of any major Ubisoft projects this year.

Below we have gathered information on all the games announced by Ubisoft and those that the French company’s developers are allegedly working on. Some of the latter have not yet been officially announced, while others are at a very early stage of work. Some of them were mentioned by Tom Henderson in his latest article (vide Insider Gaming).

On the list you will find not only new titles. We also mentioned games that will be coming to new hardware platforms this year.

Remember, too, that Ubisoft did not reveal which games were recently canceled. In July, only two titles were provided (Splinter Cell VR and Ghost Recon: Frontline), and the latest leak mentions of only one (Project Q) So it is possible that one of the following titles may be among the abandoned projects.

Ubisoft in 2023 – confirmed games

These games have an official release date (or period) for this year:

  1. OddBallers (PC, PS4, XOne, Switch) – release on January 26, 2023 – We’ll be checking out this twisted variation on dodgeball theme as early as next week.
  2. The Settlers: New Allies (PC, PS4, XOne, Switch) – February 17, 2023 – the game has been delayed three times, the last time after negative feedback from journalists that forced significant changes.
  3. Trackmania (PS4, PS5, XOne, XSX/S) – early 2023 – the game was released on PC on July 1, 2020.
  4. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home (AND, iOS) – early 2023 – sequel Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a mobile exclusive Netflix.
  5. Assassin’s Creed Mirage (PS4, XOne, PS5, XSX/S) – 2023 – According to Tom Henderson’s December info, release date has been postponed twice (most recently to August), but this has not been confirmed by Ubisoft.
Ubisoft After the Storm - Remaining 2023 Launches, Cancelled Games, Future Plans - picture #1

The coming years are expected to belong to the Assassin’s Creed series. Source: Ubisoft.

  1. Mighty Quest 2 – 2023, the follow-up to the free-to-play The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, is another game that only Netflix subscribers will play.
  2. Skull & Bones (PC, PS5, XSX/S) -. after the first quarter of 2023. – from announcement in 2017, the release has been pushed back six times (the last time was last last week).
  3. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (PC, PS5, XSX/S) – April 2023-March 2024 – The game was supposed to debut together with the second part of the movie saga (i.e., in December 2022), but the unexpected release has been postponed to July 2022.

Ubisoft 2023 in plans and leaks

The following titles may be released in 2023, but Ubisoft has not announced their release date. Some of these games have not even been announced and we owe all information about them to industry insiders.

  1. Rocksmith (PS4, XOne, PS5, XSX/S) – no release date (most likely 2023, but Ubisoft has not confirmed this date) – the PC edition of this live-service game was released on September 6, 2022.
  2. Project Orlando / MotorfestApril 2023-March 2024 – is the new installment of The Crew series, rumors of which first appeared in September 2021
  3. Assassin’s Creed Nexus (Oculus VR) – April 2023-March 2024 – this VR game still hasn’t been announced, but after considerable leaks Tom Henderson emphatically described it as “one of Ubisoft’s worst-kept secrets.”
  4. Assassin’s Creed: Jade – 2023/2024 – mobile game announced in September. The game went into closed beta, and gameplay from the tests leaked to the web in December.
  5. Assasin’s Creed from Netflix – 2023 – The next mobile installment of the Assassin’s Creed series, this time created in partnership with a popular streaming platform (along with a live-action series).
Ubisoft After the Storm - Remaining 2023 Launches, Cancelled Games, Future Plans - picture #2

The late Tom Clancy will appear in the titles of many upcoming games from the French publisher. Source: Ubisoft.

  1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile – no release date – announced in April 2022, the game went into closed beta testing.
  2. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland (PC, PS4, XOne, PS5, XSX/S) – 2023 – A free-to-play spin-off of the popular looter shooter series was due for completion in mid-2022, and the game went into closed beta testing in October.
  3. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence (AND, iOS) – 2023 – is the second spin-off The Division, this time in the form of a strictly mobile production. The game has entered closed beta phase in December 2022, following earlier alpha testing.
  4. XDefiant – 2023 – After being announced in 2021, it was part of the Tom Clancy’s brand, but as of March 2022, the American writer disappeared from the game’s title. The production is expected to be released “soon,” and for now only participants in “classified tests” can check it out.

What’s coming after 2023?

In addition to the games that will (perhaps) be released this year, Ubisoft’s studios are preparing quite a few other titles. In truth, some of them were supposed to launch some time ago, but for now they remain in development hell. Others have only been mentioned by the publisher without any details or have not lived to see official announcements.

  1. Second Stone: The Legend of the Hidden World (PC) – 2024 – The title was announced in September 2022 as a project inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Banjo & Kazooie as well as Crash Bandicoot and Bloodborne series.
  2. Beyond Good & Evil 2 – no release date – title is being developed, but it is currently the the longest high-budget production in development in the history of the video game market.
  3. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake (PC, PS5, XSX/S) – no release date – the game was supposed to be released in early 2021, but after much turbulence (and complaints about the graphics) eventually the developer was changed.
  4. Assassin’s Creed Hexe – no release date – game to be released after AC Mirage and AC Red as a minor installment.
  5. Assassin’s Creed Red – no release date – The debut is expected to follow the release of AC Mirage, although alleged problems of the developers may prevent this from happening. The thirteenth installment of Assassin’s Creed will take us to Japan and let us take on the role of a ninja.
Ubisoft After the Storm - Remaining 2023 Launches, Cancelled Games, Future Plans - picture #3

Assassin’s Creed for everyone, to choose from, to color. Source: Ubisoft.

  1. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Remake – no release date – remake of Sam Fisher’s first mission has been announced in December 2021, and a month ago we were shown conceptarts.
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Infinity – no release date – In fact, it is supposed to be not so much a game as a a platform for the entire series, including the multiplayer AC: Invictus.
  3. Star Wars – no release date – Ubisoft’s Star Wars was announced in 2021, and in December 2022 the publisher was looking for testers for the game. Perhaps we will see it in 2023, but this is probably too optimistic a date.
  4. New Ghost Recon – unofficially 2025 (via Tom Henderson). The game remains unannounced (Ubisoft makes virtually no mention of the series after cancelling the free-to-play Frontline), but rumors of another major installment emerged in April 2022.
  5. Project Uno release date – This innovative (according to Ubisoft) co-op shooter was announced in September 2022, with the game said to be in early development at the time. The game went into single testing late last year.

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