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27 January 2023, 12:20

The next installment of Uncharted will not be made. Neil Druckmann confirmed this in an interview regarding The Last of Us series.

The Uncharted series has won a huge fan base around the world. Players praised it for its engaging story, memorable characters or action-packed moments. It’s no wonder, then, that many wanted another installment of the iconic series, and while you might have guessed it was finished, Neil Druckmann has now made it official.

There will not be another Uncharted

In an interview with BuzzFeed Neil Druckmann spoke mainly about The Last of Us. At one point he was asked about the future of the game that became the basis for the recent movie adaptation, which we wrote about here.

At the time, the creator pointed out that game sequels depend solely on Naughty Dog, which does not feel pressure from its publisher, Sony, so the sales success of specific titles do not guarantee that further installments will be made.

During the interview, Druckmann made it clear that there will not be another installment of Uncharted, because the studio has finished the story presented in the iconic series for good..

Uncharted was incredibly successful, and Uncharted 4 was one of our best-selling games, but we were able to close the story and say we’re done. We are moving on.”

Thirsty for more adventures, fans of Nathan Drake, who have explored his story in the games, therefore have no choice but to watch the movie adaptation of the iconic title.


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