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31 January 2023, 13:01

A Stock Market is available in Hitman Freelancer. Thanks to the following guide, you will learn more about it and learn some tips you should know before you put your money there.

Hitman 3 now offers the Freelancer mode. It introduces quite a breath of fresh air to the game and enables us to perform randomly generated contracts, in which we don’t get much clues about the target and have to identify it ourselves. Freelancer also introduced Stock Market. You will learn more about it from this guide.

Stock Market in Hitman Freelancer

In Hitman Freelancer after reaching the appropriate Mastery level, you’ll get access to a hideout with a screen showing the stock market ratings. We will then see the message “Check Stock Market.” It does not mean that we have to play the stock market right now, but it indicates that we have unlocked this mechanic.

We have the option to bet only some of our money or play va banque. Sometimes this is tempting, because in Hitman Freelancer money is hard to come by. Unfortunately, the desire to make easy money has caused many players to invest large sums and lose. The mechanic is new and probably works randomly, so it’s unclear if you can have any influence on winning..

Tips for Stock Market in Hitman Freelancer

If you want to play for all the money , it is better to risk only if you have relatively little of it. In case we bet a large amount and lose, it is worth trying to turn off the game without saving it. This will prevent us from losing it. However, it should be noted that this exploit may be removed in the future in one of the updates to the game.

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